Preventive Care for Your Business



We have all seen the articles, TV ads and listened to our doctor's advice to take preventive measures with our health. We have yearly checkups and tests with our doctor and dentist. We try to eat the right foods and get some exercise all in the effort of keeping ourselves healthy. We also take this way of thinking into the care of our vehicles and homes. And yet in what maybe the most important area for preventive maintenance does not get scheduled. Your business and how efficiently and profitable it is running...


The big machine that dispenses merchandise when you deposit money is what is called a vending machine. When you deposit your money, it is checked by a currency detector, and then the machine allows you to get your desired item. You find them everywhere; in shops, malls, offices and in any other busy locations.


Just like any recycling process where an item is turned into something else, the same can be done with your current customers. All too often we use a sales cycle to acquire a small business customer and then put them on the customer shelf.


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