Weather Any 'Storm' With Your COIs



Are you looking for a simple but very powerful way to get a boost of clients? it‚??s time to reach out to your Centers of Influence in a systematic way (it‚??s like hitting the bulls eye every time). You‚??ve heard about COI‚??s before, but I‚??m guessing that you don‚??t take advantage of these relationships systematically.


As a consultant I talk to many business owners, brokers, and agents on a daily basis about valuing small businesses. It always amazes me that most business owners always overvalue their small businesses worth when selling it.


Each day there are multiple individuals who think about developing their own small business. A small business can include selling merchandise or offering personal services. With a goal and a great business plan it is possible to develop a small business, but due to financial reasons may business owners make the decision to work from home. Owing and operating a small business from home has its advantages, but there are disadvantages as well.