Achieve Long Term Business Success By Having The Right Reasons / Motives



What is your reason for being in (or wanting to go into) business as an entrepreneur? Maybe you realised you might never get as rich as you really want to be by remaining in paid employment. Maybe you have some ideas about how to use your unique gifts and/or skills to change the world around you to a better place - among other things - by influencing new ways of thinking and doing things. This article explains why it is crucial for the long term survivial of any business venture you wish to embark upon, for you to search deeply within yourself and ensure you KNOW and are CONVINCED that it is what you want to do.


It probably started with the first person you hired. As a brand new small business owner, you hired your first employee without knowing exactly what role they would play, a well thought-out job description, no skills testing or resume checking, no source of funding for their pay check and no game plan for getting the best they had to give. Guess who you hired?


It starts from the day we open our doors as entrepreneurs: the struggle to maintain a reasonably consistent cash flow. Regardless of the line of business you are in, you can experience ebbs and flows in your business, and there's also the need to protect yourself against potentially catastrophic loss caused by illness or other events beyond your control. This is why we must all generate passive streams of income. How can you begin to do this in your business? Here are some ideas to get you started.