Many People Refuse to Run Their Business as a Non-Profit



Many entrepreneurs refuse to run a non-profit for various reasons. Some say they are inefficient and ineffective. Many times this is true. And this is why so many entrepreneurs refuse to run their business as a non-profit.


It was a beautiful winter day in a small Illinois town. I had been invited by two financial planners to do a day of consulting at their site, and I recall how starkly beautiful the morning was; about 10 degrees, clear blue sky and bright sunshine. The problem with most small businesspeople is that they fail to devise systems for sales and marketing, preferring to leave their fortunes to chance or to habit. Coaching and consulting can be invaluable for small businesses providing it is focused on developing and delivering new practices. Owners and managers don‚??t need "business friends," which is what some coaching organizations purport to sell. They need do‚??s and don‚??ts, and if this is what your consulting or coaching enterprise is about, you‚??ll prosper, says Dr. Gary S. Goodman, top speaker and business advisor and best-selling author of over 700 articles and 12 books, including SIX-FIGURE CONSULTING.


If you put your head in the sand then it is not likely you will know what is happening in the marketplace, especially when it comes to your own products and services. Take some time to look around and dig into what is working for your competition and then duplicate what works.