In Small Businesses, It's Not Easy Being Green



It is an axiom in business that being better or different is a key to success. We can think of it as being green, like Kermit the frog. Quality, advertising cleverness, cutting prices and too broad a product line are not ways of being green for a small business. Leading the market (being first with the best), controlling product or service features by patent or copyright, changing a product attribute, developing a specialty product for a market niche or creating a total and pleasant customer buying experience are ways of being green. We must commit to constantly re-evaluating our ability to be green.


Get Rich Quick Schemes - Who Gets Rich, Who Gets Poor? Is your mailbox packed with everything from envelope-stuffing opportunities to horse racing schemes? Have you been conned before? Have you handed over money for packages and plans that proved to be worth less than the paper they were printed on? Many would-be entrepreneurs admit to falling foul of the offers from a handful of companies who give the mail order business a bad name at the expense of genuine business book and plan promoters.


For freelancers, the very first impression is the most important. When you first meet a new potential client, its important that you provide them with an impression of you that allows them to relate to you on a personal level other than on a purely professional/business level.