Mom and Pop and Their Virtual Assistant?



Many different businesses already employ virtual assistants or other online support for everyday tasks. What about those who are not quite as likely to dive into the virtual workforce? Small retail businesses, often know as Mom and Pop shops, are an ideal candidate for virtual employees.


Small cleaning businesses usually have their employees track time on a paper timesheet. But as your cleaning business grows, deciphering data and adding up hours from numerous time sheets can take time away from other profit-making activities as you burn up your time doing payroll. This article shows the benefits of automating your timekeeping system.


The small business owner may be asked from time to time to prepare a cash flow forecast. If uncertainty exists in the preparation the business owner may seek help from an accountant or business adviser. However, in many instances it would be advantageous for a clearer understanding of the terms used in order for the owner to relate to the business.