23 Easy Ways For Pet-Care Professionals to Pull in Top Clients



With more and more people wanting to cash in on the pet-care 'boom' knowing how to bring in and keep the best clients is imperative. Learn how to keep the clients coming, no matter how many others hang out their pet-care shingle this season.


The question for anyone who wishes to start a business is; what kind of business should one start? Well if you mechanically inclined and love cars, but do not have $100,000 to start with, what kind of a business might you like? Perhaps you have considered a Mobile or On Site Oil Change Business. But then you ask your self is it indeed a viable business?


I know many fabulous women who work hard to provide a great service for their clients. But some of them are not making the kind of money they need to thrive, let alone survive. I strongly believe that part of the dilemma for many women in business is that they have a hard time reconciling making great money (making a profit) with providing a good service.